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Why obedience training is crucial for dogs?


Dogs are human’s most friendly domestic animals. In order to become the best cuddly versions to their humans, they have to undergo obedience training like mentioned by H&H Dog . This requires a lot of hard work. The training ensures obedience and improves communication skills between them and the owner, good behaviour, and most valuable of all, safety.

There are many reasons as to why dogs would benefit from obedience training. Many dog trainers have created responsive dog lesson plans to aid in disciplining your dog. 

Here are some reasons why obedience training is crucial for dogs. 

Improved Socializing Behaviour

Young woman tell dog to lay down on grass,obedience training. Image source: Adobe Stock

People who share a common interest as dog owners interact through various social groups. Therefore, these people socialize and connect on different levels while brainstorming ideas that lead up to one learning more. Simultaneously, through organized activities and events, a friendship avenue develops between the community members hence increasing harmony and understanding within the community.

Aids in Dog Management

Dogs are pets of comfort. So, learning the basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and go, expends less time and effort into maintaining the pet. Also, it makes it less stressful while going out for walks, being around other people, and behaving within the confines of your own home. Through such aids, the dogs become the ultimate pets.

Health Improvement 

Obedience training includes physical movement for both the dog and the trainee. The constant motion during coaching keeps the body’s metabolism to be active, thus increasing the responsive reaction to attacks by diseases. For instance, with the emerging epidemic, obedience training with additional dog guidelines, to keep them active and entertained help both – trainee and the dog to stay active. It, in turn, aids in maintaining both, the dog’s  and the trainee’s health at optimum levels. 


People keep dogs for different reasons. Some keep them as pets while others as a means of protection. In cases such as when accidents and attacks happen, routine obedience training makes sure the dogs respond positively to simple commands. Besides, they learn how to defend themselves and their owners from any befalling harm and avoiding risky situations on simple directives instructions. 

Allows for Quality Time with Your Dog

Dog training classes help spend quality time with your dog. The classes are highly encouraged to people with busy schedules who may not spend as much time with their dogs as they would like to. As such, these classes give them the much-needed time to bond with their dog.

A well-trained dog is a pleasure to have around in a home. You can spend time praising and rewarding your pet rather than correcting them. Therefore, obedience training is crucial in bonding, which may, in turn, reflect on how one relates to others.

Reduce Abandoned Dogs

Some abusive dog owners either abandon their dogs or throw them in the streets. Most dogs that end up in shelters and eventually die are as a result of inappropriate behaviour of their previous owners.

 Obedience training makes all dogs more responsive and less irritating. This act makes a dog cute and desirable and creates homes for them in the form of buyers from the dog sheds.  

Improves Owner’s Dog Knowledge

Knowledge is a continuous and life-long process. One can never fully know about training a dog, and each day’s session just allows learning something new. Obedience training is not only for an individual but also for family and friends to acquire the same information, making the dog even a part of a bigger family.

May Become a Source of Income to Owners

A properly trained dog may just be the next money maker for its owner. The acts from obedience training are usable to make television commercials, movie scenes that may require a dog as a pet, dog shows in theatres, and so on. So, it will generate income and create a lifestyle for the owner of the dog.

Helps Eliminate Behaviour Issues

If your dog has tendencies to engage in negative reactions such as constantly barking, regularly defecating in inappropriate places, tearing furniture, or continued digging, obedience training goes a long way in regulating such behaviour. These classes will help the dog determine what and where not to engage in a particular activity. Rather than adding tasks to your daily activity, the dog will be your companion in completing assignments on time.

Tips for Successful Training

  • Not everyone can train a dog. It is always advisable to seek assistance from a certified dog trainer, to achieve maximum training ability for the dog.
  • Obedience training is always about fun and interacting on a personal level with the dog. Treat it like you would like to be treated—this aid in smoothening the learning experience for you and the dog.
  • Patience is a virtue and one of the most critical aspects of obedience training. Basic dog training dog commands may take a while to catch on with the dog since different dog species learn different commands at different speeds. Since learning is a continuous process, obedience training also follows the same virtue.
  • Always aim at achieving the best from the training. Put yourself and the dog in a friendly environment where learning is optimal. Avoid repetition of command words. One command is good enough for the dog to process.
  • Food is essential for the training dog. It directly dictates the level of activity the dog with end up doing. Ensure a balanced diet for the dog with the necessary minerals to keep the dog active and free from disease attacks.


With a growing understanding of animal behaviour (specifically, dog behaviour), human relationship with them has improved and will hopefully keep evolving. Further, obedience training is animal intelligence. It plays a crucial role in helping the dog and the individual with the task of caring for it. As such, it’s upon all dog owners to understand that obedience training is crucial for dogs. Ultimately, it includes human interaction, which is the best way to ensure civilization. Hence, obedience training of your dog is beneficial for disciplining the dog but also helps you in maintaining a mutual good and healthy routine.


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