Natural Inflammation Relief for Dogs from an Unlikely – but Brilliant – Source

Natural Inflammation Relief for Dogs from an Unlikely – but Brilliant – Source

Is your dog silently suffering from chronic inflammation? Unfortunately, most pet owners are not aware of the signs and symptoms of this prevalent, underlying cause of the most common canine diseases.

Typical symptoms of inflammation include weight gain, stiffness, joint pain, gas, nausea, loose stools, anxiety, allergies, dull skin and coat, and lethargy, among others. Oftentimes, many of these ailments are misdiagnosed, leading to expensive treatments that are generally ineffective. When inflammation is the culprit of poor health, the only way to cure the symptoms is to fight the inflammation at the source.

Fortunately for pet owners, an all-natural anti-inflammatory supplement is available for dogs that works quickly, has no side effects, can be used with other supplements and medications, is scientifically proven, and is safe for dogs of all ages and breeds. The brand is called WINPRO, and their solution to the canine inflammation problem (in the form of a tasty soft-chew) offers a unique and inexpensive way for pet owners to address allergy, immune system, anxiety, mobility, and recovery issues in their pets.

WINPRO soft chews are bite-sized treats for dogs that contain spray-dried animal blood proteins. Animal blood proteins (in WINPRO’s case, from pigs), have been extensively researched for the past 30 years and proven to have amazing benefits for animals suffering from stress and inflammation. After an initial study at Iowa State University showed incorporation of animal blood proteins into the diet of weaning piglets could improve their survival rate, these amazing proteins have been used with great success across all forms of agriculture and horse racing. WINPRO is the first company to apply this science to canines.

How does the introduction of animal blood proteins to a dog’s diet improve canine health? The secret lies in the ability of these proteins to eliminate or reduce inflammation directly at the source. A common example of an inflammatory condition in dogs is joint pain. Inflammation in joints leads to pain, limping, swelling, hindered mobility, lethargy, and decreased quality of life. Since the animal blood proteins in WINPRO soft chews fight this inflammation at the source, the result is a quick and remarkable improvement in the dog’s condition, which many satisfied customers have already documented across social media.

Joint pain is not the only ailment that WINPRO products improve. In addition to their Mobility product, WINPRO has formulations designed to treat seasonal and environmental allergies (Allergy); symptoms of poor gut health, such as loose stools, gas, and nausea (Immunity); symptoms of poor recovery following intense training and exercise (Training), and symptoms of anxiety (Focus). Each WINPRO formulation also contains additional active ingredients that are proven to support specific needs, such as marshmallow root powder in the Immunity product for improved gut health.

How has WINPRO so effectively burst onto the canine supplement scene? Bill Bernardo, company founder, is an expert in this arena. Before founding WINPRO, Bernardo worked to develop animal blood protein technology for hard-ridden performance horses, who also benefit strongly from the anti-inflammatory properties of animal blood proteins. As a dog owner and lover himself, it was a no-brainer to design a product line for dogs after seeing just how effective these products were in other animals.

“These animal blood proteins are creating a bit of a revolution in the way we take care of dogs in America,” says Bill Bernardo. “And the most exciting part of it is seeing the amazing testimonials pouring in from dog owners whose lives we’ve transformed. Giving a 13-year old dog its puppy legs back is the kind of thing that never grows old.”

At the end of the day, there is no denying WINPRO has produced a product unlike anything else available on the market. Dogs even love the taste of WINPRO, since they are carnivores by nature and are naturally attracted to blood proteins. Unlike traditional nutritional supplements or medications, WINPRO products work quickly. Many types of ailments can be easily managed with animal blood proteins, alone or in conjunction with veterinary-prescribed treatments, including arthritis, gastroenteritis, dull skin and coat, anxiety, food and environmental allergies, and inflammatory diseases. Since WINPRO products are all-natural, pet owners can rest easy knowing there are no side effects to their use, and dogs of all shapes, sizes, activity levels, and life stages can safely consume these soft-chews.

WINPRO soft chews are made in America and are available at leading online retailers and at independent pet stores. To learn more about these products

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By Sarah Black

Sarah Black is a pet nutrition writer at Dogsora. She has a Diploma in Canine Nutrition and is truly passionate about sharing the best nutrition tips to help pet owners raise happy and healthy dogs. When not at work, Sarah can be found relaxing at home with her two German Shepherd companions, Max and Buddy.