How to Disinfect a Dog’s Wading Pool

How easy is it to make your dog happy? As easy as ABC! A loving family, a bowl full of dog food and a toy he can play with all day. Yes, pleasing your precious dog could be that easy. However, there’s no crime in going the extra mile. Instead, you get increased affection from your dog. Talking about extra miles, a dog’s wading pool is surely the way.

Now that you’ve bought your dog a wading pool, keeping the pool clean and safe for your dog is paramount to ensure your dog’s good health is sustained. Actually, the truth is: there’s nothing filthier than a dog pool left unattended to. The probability of your dog catching one or two diseases as a result of the bacteria, algae and fungi found in dirty pools is high. So, here are tips on how to keep your dog’s pool clean and your dog; healthy:

Don’t be Lazy, Empty the Water!

One of the easiest ways of maintaining a clean dog pool is by emptying the water in the pool after each use. Algae, bacteria and fungi as well as mosquito and bugs thrive well in moist or damp areas. When you empty the dirty pool water, you reduce the chance of the pool attracting mosquitos and bugs as well as serving as a habitat for vector microorganisms.

After emptying it, pick up a hose and spray the pool clean. Periodical cleaning with an antibacterial cleaner, followed by a spray of clean water is also a fantastic way of keeping the pool free of unwanted organisms.

Use Chlorine

Periodic addition of chlorine to your dog’s pool is also a good idea. However, this must be carried out with caution. Swimming pools are relatively large, so, adding much chlorine to the water won’t be of much harm to your dog. But when it comes to dog pools, since you are dealing with a smaller quantity of water, it would be sensible of you to take caution when using chlorine. Putting much chlorine into a small quantity of water could increase the water concentrations to levels dangerous for your dog’s health and wellbeing. So, even if chlorine could be a great disinfectant, it really isn’t the best option for keeping your dog’s pool clean on a regular basis. Understand how much chlorine your dog’s pool need on  

How about the Dog Pool Toys?

You didn’t forget about these, did you? You shouldn’t. These toys are used alongside the dog’s dirty pool water. So, even if you are diligent with disinfecting your dog’s pool, failure to keep these toys clean would make your effort in maintaining a clean pool futile. Why?

These toys harbor the similar quantity of algae, bacteria, fungi and insects as your dog’s pool. If you do not keep these toys clean, these microorganisms would wind up in the pool water the next time they are put to use.

You should take these precautionary measures:

·  Toys used in the pool should be ones made specifically for the pools in terms of material and water sustainability. These materials should also be a quick drying one.

· Immediately after play, the toys should be removed from the pools, washed and disinfected with clean water, and then left in a place to dry before its next use.


Basically, if you want to keep a dog pool clean; take a few minutes each day (after playtime) to empty the dirty pool water, and probably give it a scrub. By doing this, you will extend the lifespan of your dog’s wading pool.      

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By Johnathan Vance

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