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Life span: 13-15 Years

Height: 28-33cm (Male); 23-30cm (Female)

Weight: 2.3-5.4kg (Male); 2.3-5.4kg (Female)

Chinese Crested dogs are lively, playful, alert and cheerful temperament dogs. They can be affectionate and happy to their pet parents. They have hair and hairless breeds. They belong to hypoallergenic dog breeds. Chinese Crested dog breeds originated from Africa, Chinese, Mexico regions.

Physical Characteristics

This small breed usually has teeth problems. Their tail rests low, with a curve at the end, and the ears are large and erect. Their eyes are brown, with a black or brown nose. Coat can be one of two varieties, either hairless or powderpuff. Hairless coats will only have long hair on their heads, tails and feet; while powderpuff coats will be full of hair that needs a lot of maintenance. The coat can be any color, including but not restricted to black, brown, blue and cream colored.


Even though their name might suggest it originated in China, its actual origins are unknown, but many believe it began in Africa, where it was known as the “African Hairless Dog”. Afterwards, it is believed they were brought into trading ships as ratters, and in Chinese trading ships they were used for trading purposes in Central and South America, Egypt and Turkey. Its concrete documented history begins in the 1200s, where they are mentioned by explorers and missionaries in writing. It was not until the 1800s that paintings, drawings and pictures of this breed in Europe appear, where some were even kept in zoos and were highly popular thanks to Ida Garrett. They were recognized by the American Kennel Club until 1991. Its name is actually referencing its time spent in Chinese trading ships, and of course, the crest on top of its head.


This breed is loving with their family, and always aim to please their owners by repeating tasks they believe the owners enjoy them doing, meaning they are also fast learners. They tend to have a cat like personality trait, in which they enjoy sitting on top of high places. They are active, although not overly so, and enjoy spending time with their owners as well as with children and other household pets. They are quiet within the household, rarely every barking. Training is easy, except for housetraining, where the owner will need to be extremely patient, and train fully with positive reinforcement.


Although they can suffer from many dental issues, this breed is usually healthy. They can, however, also suffer from:

Legg-Perthes is a disease caused by the lack of blood reaching the femur bone, causing the cartilage around it to crack and for the bone to eventually collapse, affecting the hip joint, and noticeable through the dog limping.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), in which the dogs may become night blind at first and progressively lose their day eyesight as well.

Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca, or dry eye, is caused by an autoimmune reaction to the tear glands that causes lack of tears, and can lead to blindness.


Despite what its appearance might make you believe, this breed is actually quite high maintenance. Although they require little to no brushing, their skin is almost completely exposed, and needs various treatments to keep it healthy. The powderpuff variety, however, do need daily brushing. Their nails should be trimmed regularly, as well as their teeth brushed and ears checked for any dirt to prevent infections. They are mostly satisfied with a daily walk as exercise, but they must use skin protection from the sun while doing so. Training is usually easy, as they enjoy spending time with their owners and pleasing them. They especially love training and participating in competitions. Positive reinforcement works best for this breed.


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