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Life span: 10-12 Years

Height: 39-46cm (Male); 36-42cm (Female)

Weight: 14-18kg (Male); 11-16kg (Female)

Boykin Spaniel is a medium-sized breed which is used for hunting ducks and wild Turkeys. Boykin dogs are easily trainable and are energetic, active and friendly dog breeds which can accompany you a lot in leisure time. Boykin Spaniel originated from South Carolina, United States of America. Boykin is not hypoallergenic, and you can adopt him with no queries.

Physical Characteristics

Their small body is strong and well proportioned, with webbed feet for swimming. Their tails are naturally small, yet usually docked, which is not recommended due to its cruelty, and their ears are long and flopping down, covered in wavy brown hair. Its eyes are brown with a brown nose. The coat is waterproof and thick, and either curly or flat, but always wavy in the ears, head, chest, legs and stomach. Coat color varies in tones but is always a brown tone, sometimes reddish, or chocolate brown, often with a white spot on the chest.


In the early 1900s, hunters from South Carolina were looking for a dog to hunt and retrieve in both water and land. A stray dog found by Alexander White and given to L. Whitaker Boykin, was bred with another stray dog found short after of the same appearance (small, brown and with a thick coat). This dog fit the description of the hunting dog Boykin wanted, small, able to fit in a boat with the retrieved bird, and be a loyal family dog, so they kept breeding them. These dogs became especially popular in South Carolina before World War II, when these became internationally popular. Due to the high demand of them, they could not concentrate in appearance, and the breed standard became increasingly difficult to set. In 1977, the Boykin Spaniel Society was created to ensure standards were set and followed. In 1985 the breed became South Carolina’s state dog, and in 2009 they were accepted into the American Kennel Club.


This wonderful dog is not only a great hunter and retriever, but also a lovely family pet. They get along with pets and children alike, and are extremely friendly. It is calm tempered, although playful and energetic. They need daily exercise but are not hyperactive. If they do not get the mental and physical stimulation needed they might develop destructive behavior and/or wander around, which could lead them to getting lost, so procure keeping them entertained.


The Boykin Spaniel is a healthy breed, but can suffer from:

Ear Infections, which can be prevented by constant cleaning of any debris or excess wax.

Hip dysplasia, a hereditary disease in which there is an abnormal formation in the hip socket, that may eventually cause painful arthritis. It may also be affected by the environment they reside in.

Juvenile cataracts, in which there is opacity on the eye’s lens that may lead to blindness.

Exercise-induced collapse, which is a genetic syndrome prevailing in retriever dogs and mixed dogs, often confused with heat stroke. Dogs with this disease can only do moderate amounts of exercise, otherwise they might faint. Symptoms include muscle weakness, lack of coordination, extreme increase in body temperature and lethal collapses during heavy exercise.


Despite what its coat might make you think, this breed needs minimal maintenance, with only a weekly brushing session and an occasional bath. Their nails should be trimmed regularly, as well as their teeth brushed and ears checked for any dirt to prevent infections. They need plenty of daily exercise and mental stimulation, since boredom may result in destructive behavior and roaming, making them perfect for active owners. Training is easy, given that they aim to please their owners and they highly enjoy their company, as well as the company of children and other pets. Early socialization will help your dog grow up friendly and with a good temperament.


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