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American Leopard Hound


Life span: 12-15 Years

Height: 56-71cm (Male); 56-69cm (Female)

Weight: 45-70 pounds

The American Leopard Hound was given its name for a very noticeable feature in it, its spotted fur. This intelligent and caring breed is the perfect match for a family with children, seeing as they take it as a priority to protect them. It also loves to let you know what it needs or wants through its body language, so don’t worry on being on the loss for what it wants anytime!

Physical Characteristics

Its appearance can vary greatly, however, retaining always its iconic fur, which is dense and short, always has the “leopard” spots, varying only in their color. Its fur can be red, blue, black, yellow, grey, and brown, among others. Its body tends to be long and strong, made for agility and running. High atop its head are its ears, medium length and facing down. The tail curves upwards without falling atop its body. Its eyes can be blue, brown, or light brown with a black or brown nose.


The exact origin of this breed is unknown, although the most popular theory is that they were brought by the Spanish from Mexico when they came into America. What is known about its origin, however, is that they were present in the United States from as far back as the 18th century, mainly used for hunting the “black bear”, later on used for gathering livestock and bringing back those that escaped in farms. Going down to its lowest population point in 1950, they became almost extinct, until in 1959 an association was created to breed these dogs. In 1998 the United Kennel Club recognized the breed as the “Leopard Cur”, acquiring its current name until 2008.


This lovely dog will not fail to bring care and affection to those it considers its family. They get along well with other dogs, and although they do tend to get along with other animals, their hunting instinct might come into play with them, which can be corrected through training. As caring as these dogs are however, the owner must assume the role of pack leader, otherwise the dog might try to take it upon himself to do so. The American Leopard Hound is also extremely intelligent and independent, specializing in agility. It’s able to track its prey down for miles and corner it down for its owner without harming it.


They are usually very healthy, but two of this breed cannot be bred together, or it may cause:

Hearing loss, which can be complete or partial and can be from birth or gradual but fastened loss.

Sight impaired, which can be complete or partial and usually begins at birth but can come as a fast evolving problem later on.

Blindness, complete loss of vision since birth.

Deafness, complete loss of hearing since birth.

Ear Infections, which can be prevented by constant cleaning of any debris or excess wax.


Even though they have short hair, they do need weekly brushing and an occasional bath, especially if your dog has enjoyed a day out and gotten himself dirty. Their nails need constant cutting due to its rapid growth or they might split if grown too much. Their ears are prone to ear infections and therefore need constant cleaning to prevent wax buildup and any dirt that may have gotten in them.



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