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Life span: 12-14 years

Height: 23-30 centimeters

Weight: 7-9 pounds

AFFENPINSCHER is one of the fearless small dog breeds which can be loyal to your love. Of course, dogs have the loyalty nature right from their genes. The particular dog breed is funny and curious. If you are looking for a family dog for your kids, then sure, AFFENPINSCHER must be considered.

Physical Characteristics

This dog has a very amusing small and flattened snout with a funny mustache that definitely adds to its personality. Its hair is known for being messy and stiff and is usually black and/or grey. As you can see, this breed has a very small body and its neck tends to be short, the skin is tight in a way that leaves no wrinkles and his tail is not too short or too long, with the hair smoothed against it.


This breed has been around since the sixteenth century, as seen on paintings, and most likely from even before that. They were originally large dogs that were used to hunt mice and rats in farms located in Europe, specifically Germany, and were eventually bred into their current small size, allegedly for women to have as company. The origins of this breed are unknown, whether they came from Schnauzers, Terriers or out of a monkey-Pinscher mix as their appearance suggests, leading to their nickname, the “Monkey Terrier”.


The Affenpinscher is a loyal dog who will always guard your home and loves to hunt, especially rabbits. They are very good at adapting, which makes them perfect for travelling, and are very loving and smart towards their owners. They love doing tricks and respond very positively towards rewards and being praised when doing something right. Although this breed tends to be very quiet, when it senses a stranger it will bark loudly and it will take them a while to quiet back down. Despite their loving nature they do not get along well with children and will bite if provoked.


Due to their small snouts they tend to have respiratory issues and cannot handle high temperatures. This also causes them to have some missing teeth.

They tend to suffer from:

Patellar Luxation, a disease where their kneecaps are slightly out of place or even dislocated, although this disease is genetic, it can also happen through injuries.

Legg-Perthes is a disease caused by the lack of blood reaching the femur bone, causing the cartilage around it to crack and for the bone to eventually collapse, affecting the hip joint, and noticeable through the dog limping.

Vascular hemophilia, a disease in which blood clots form and cause internal and external bleeding in excessive amounts.

Cleft Palate, a disease that causes an abnormal opening on the roof of the puppy’s mouth and can be surgically corrected at 4 months old.


Affenpinschers are very active dogs, and therefore need constant and regular exercise. They also need regular grooming to get rid of any dead hair and vitamins when shedding due to their huge hair loss in this period of time. Their eyes need to be washed often, as their facial hair can irritate them. In females, during birth there is usually a need to do a caesarean section.

These dogs are perfect when looking for someone who guards your home when you’re away or to come with you on your adventures! If you’re looking for a companion to provide you with tons of love and a sure sense of security, this breed is a good start, even if you are a beginner.




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