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CBD for Dogs: A Natural Option for When Your Dog is in Pain


Do you know that dogs are one of the most common pets among pet owners? No doubt, dog owners are always looking for the best ways to ensure their dog stays safe and healthy. Due to the popularity of CBD, many Veterinarians and pet parents are now paying more attention to CBD as a solution to their patient and pet pain, respectively. 

However, most dog owners are still not convinced that the substance is a natural option for when a dog is in pain. For more info and excellent knowledge of how CBD can be a natural option to ease the pain of your dog, read on this article.

How CBD interacts with dogs to relieve pain?

There is a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system helps to relieve many health issues and symptoms in the body when it interacts with CBD, which is also known as cannabidiol. Humans have ECS, and that is why there are lots of benefits they derive from using CBD. So, just like humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system too. 

The system is made of many receptors, and there are two types present in your dog’s body. They are the CB1 and CB2 receptors. The first one is found in the organs, nervous system, brain, and glands while you can find the second one in the immune system regulatory cells. So, when things are not looking good for your dog, CBD targets the receptors to put things in order and make your pet feel much better. 

What type of pain is CBD good for in dogs?

Good for chronic pain relief: Research shows that you can use CBD for pain relief in dogs as it is effective for chronic pains because it interacts with the immune system and brain receptors. When this happens, it creates painkilling and anti-inflammatory effects that help with pain management. 

One special thing about taking CBD for pain in dogs is that you won’t have to increase its dosage for pain because people taking it don’t build up a tolerance to it. In 2008, a review of studies conducted between the 1980s and 2007 made researchers conclude that CBD oil for Dogs are beneficial to chronic pains and insomnia without any side effects.     

CBD is good for arthritis pain relief: Dogs also have arthritis, like humans, and most especially old age affects them a lot. In 2016, a study looked at the effect of CBD on rats with arthritis pain by applying CBD gel to the rats for four days. 

Even though more research is needed, reviews of CBD oil shows taking it for arthritis pain is effective and promising for people with arthritis. So, in as much as it can help humans relieve arthritis pain, it can help your dog too. 

Good for joint pain relief: Using CBD oil for joint pain is a good idea because it reduces inflammation. The direct analgesic properties of the cannabidiol make it more effective against inflammation when compared to other conventional pain killers. Since inflammation mainly causes joint pains, you can reduce joint pains in dogs by giving him CBD oil. 

Injuries, bruises, and post-surgery pain: Whenever a dog is passing through these series of pain, veterinarians always prescribe pain killer drugs in which it doesn’t help out in some cases. CBD oil, therefore, may help in relieving these pains.

Other Therapeutic Advantages of CBD for Your Dog

CBD oil is good for anxiety, stress, and fear: Your dog may experience two types of anxiety; the behavioral anxiety and situational anxiety. Situational anxiety is the most common anxiety in dogs. They are caused by certain activity that suddenly occurs, which the pet is not used to. 

These include thunderstorms, fireworks, traveling, or having visitors over. CBD oil, therefore, contains soothing and calming properties. A little drop of CBD oil may help a great deal in dealing with this situational anxiety and fear. CBD will be most effective for treating anxiety when it is given before the event that gives them anxiety.

Boost appetite: Since dogs don’t talk, when they have issues with their appetite, they won’t be able to tell, and the pet parents will just be wondering the reason why they aren’t eating. 

The majority of dogs lose their appetite sometimes when they feel nausea. This is why CBD oil may help to alleviate this digestive issue in such a dog and help him/her feed well.

Slows down tumor growth: Malicious tumor growth is common in pets, which in some cases may prove to be fatal. CBD oil may help in slowing the growth of the tumor and also reduce pain and other symptoms related to it.

One of the wonders behind CBD is its many therapeutic advantages that it carries. The above-listed benefits are the most popular therapeutic benefits of CBD in the dog. With that being said, more research is needed to discover other benefits of CBD oil for animals.

How to Administer CBD Oil in Dog

Just like in human, CBD oil can be administered to a dog using the following mode of ingestion;

  • Topical: This includes cream, rubs and balm, and salve. It is beneficial and acts fast in the case of arthritis, acne, and inflammation in dogs. It doesn’t have to enter the body system like other forms of ingesting CBD oil. It is applied only to the targeted area, and your dog will get the same health benefits as when it gets into the bloodstream directly.
  • Tincture: This is the mode of ingestion by using sprays and drop. You can orally apply CBD oil directly to the mouth of your dog. Of course, your dog may not have enough patience to hold it under his tongue before swallowing it. 

In as much as it is entering through his mouth, he will get the same benefits as every other method of ingesting CBD. It is the fastest method of ingesting CBD and also known to be the most effective in treating emergency cases.

  • Edibles: This is the mode of administering CBD through foods that are infused with CBD. It is believed that this mode of ingesting CBD oil lasts longer due to the gradual process of digestion into the bloodstream. 


CBD oil for dogs has been gradually picking a lot of attention by veterinarians and pet parents for the wellness of their dogs and other pets. The good news is that you don’t have to use human CBD oil for your dogs as researchers and manufacturers have developed CBD oil and another supplement that are more suitable for dogs. So if your dog suffers from chronic pain, anxiety, stress, epilepsy, inflammation, joint pain, arthritis pain—CBD oil might be an alternative option to remedy pain for your dog.


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