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The Nerd’s Guide to Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones?


Dogs like bones all the time, and that is very true. If you are concerned about what kind of bones to feed your dog with; then consider giving this post a read. The first thing that we need to tell you is yes you can feed a dog with turkey bones. In fact, dogs are fond of turkey bones as well, and these bones are nutritious for them.


All you need to do is to feed them raw turkey bones and make sure that you never serve them cooked ones. If you are still thinking about can dogs eat turkey bones, then you need to read the rest of this post thoroughly.



 chicken bones and dogs veterinary advice

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Why Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones?






Well, you can let them chew on recreational chewing bones or give them the real ones. It is entirely up to you, but you need to be careful while serving them bones. We will discuss all that later in the latter half of this post, so keep reading about the advantages for now. Again, there are a lot of reasons about the benefits of dogs eating turkey bones, like:


1. It’s a natural habit – Come one now, you know that is in their habit to chew bones. A carnivore will be a carnivore, and they have canines that need use. It is a good jawbone exercise as the muscles get stimulated and they can enjoy a healthy treat. It is even good for their mental peace as this helps them to remain playful.



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2. Nutritional benefits – Raw bones are a source of calcium, and they act better than the supplements. To be honest, these are easily digestible in comparison to supplements. The study shows that dogs tend to grow faster if fed with raw bones. It regenerates the skeletal system of canines because raw bones boost the calcium phosphate in them.


3. Good for the teeth – If you brush your canine’s teeth every day then you are good. Nonetheless, it should be stated that raw bones can clean the teeth of a dog. Bones remove tartar from the teeth that can cause bad breath, scaling, gingivitis or even cavities. You and your dog are better off these troubles, so feed them with turkey bones as and when you can.


4. No more tummy troubles – This is like roughage in the digestive tract of a dog as it can stimulate the anal glands for easy passage. Bones usually scour and cleanse their system in a good way. It is all natural, and you can say goodbye to all tummy troubles with this habit.


5. Snack time – Oh no don’t give it to them before dinner because they will leave their food behind and play with the bone. That is very normal for them; you know what we mean. This is why we advise you to serve them the bone after dinner as a snack. Let them eat, chew and play with the bone on their own.


6. Change the chewing habits – At times your four-legged friend picks up nasty habits of self-licking and scratching that you may want to get rid of. What could be better to divert their attention? Give them a bone and see how quickly that habit goes away. Seriously, bones are a far better option against licking or itching for sure.


What should you do while feeding them turkey bones?


is ground turkey safe for dogs
You, my dear friend, should keep an eye on your munchkin when they are taking a go at the bone. Being a pet parent is not easy and dogs always like to be pampered. Well, who doesn’t? Getting back to our conversation is turkey bad for dogs, no it Is not and yes dogs need attention. Attention and trust should be the foundation of your relationship. Supervision is again, should remain concealed in this care and love. You should not let them know about it but be watchful of what they eat and when they eat. Just keep the following pointers in your mind while serving them with raw turkey bones:



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They tend to swallow food; this is why you need to help them raw turkey bones instead of cooked ones as they tend to play havoc in their system






  • Cooked bones can choke them or even create blockage in their digestive tracts
  • Sharp fragments of bones can damage their intestines
  • Bones can also cause constipation if not taken care of
  • Feed them with bones slowly and let them get used to it
  • Always wash your hands before feeding your dog with raw turkey bones
  • Never serve them food from the nearest deli as it may contain spices that may be harmful to them
  • While cooking turkey at home keep the counters clean and dispose wrappings into covered bins
  • Wash plates immediately after consumption
  • Give them their due treats
  • Take your buddy for a long walk after the meal

can dogs eat turkey bones


The final thought on this debate if raw bones for dogs are they safe should end with the declaration that yes they are. Nevertheless, you need to run a poop check, and if it is normal, then your Butterball is good to go, and you have no reasons to worry.


Let them enjoy and relish their treat.


There is no need to put them in danger of choking or waiting for them to finish the bone. It may take longer time for them to complete eating a bone and it will be impossible to sit and watch your dog that long. Of course, you have to be vigilant to ensure that everything is safe while your pooch munches on the savory. Other than this, it is all safe and you can let them enjoy their “bo-bo” without much worrying about should dogs eat turkey.


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To draw a conclusion on this topic about can dogs eat turkey bones, it should be mentioned that you should avoid serving them baked, boiled or barbecued bones. Either of these processes would make the bone soft and brittle that can be harmful to your canine friend.


We will be back with Updated new Post on dog swallowed bone symptoms, is ground turkey safe for dogs, are beef marrow bones safe for dogs, are cooked pork bones safe for dogs, Feel free to express your views via comment box.


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