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Most Effective Ways To Overcome Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes’s Problem


Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? This could be a controversial topic to address, but if you are a concerned dog parent then you know this is important. Tomatoes are an integral part of our food, and almost every household has it.


You can have it with a salad, add to your sandwiches or cook it. This means tomatoes are a versatile fruit or vegetable (whatever you consider is right) but if you are thinking about can dogs eat tomatoes then you will be happy to know that yes they can.


You can have it with a salad, add to your sandwiches or cook it. This means tomatoes are a versatile fruit or vegetable (whatever you consider is right) but if you are thinking about can dogs eat tomatoes then you will be happy to know that yes they can.






Yes, dogs can eat tomatoes and this among those few fruits and vegetables for dogs that can be fed without a second thought. However, you need to know few things before you feed them with tomatoes. So get ready learn more about this in details.


                       Benefits Of Tomatoes For Dogs


dogs eating tomatoes



Although they belong to the nightshade family, yet they come with some health benefits for dogs. It is said that Tomatoes contain Lycopene like any other red colored fruit (papaya and watermelon are other examples) which is an antioxidant that is anti-cancer.


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It can also cure some diseases and can lower down what is known as oxidative stress. There are some more benefits of tomatoes that have been discussed down under with all the particulars:


• Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamins like Vitamin C, A, B3 and B6


• They are also a source of minerals like manganese, potassium, phosphorus and fibers


• They can improve metabolism in dogs as well as humans


• They can strengthen bone tissues in both dogs and humans


• In other words, tomatoes work like a supplement for dogs

How to Feed them Tomatoes?





The best way to feed your four-legged friend tomatoes is by buying fresh ones from the market. Now, why we mentioned market is because, by the time they are picked and transported to the market, the levels of Tomatine will be decreased which is otherwise a harmful component found in tomatoes. The best way to feed them tomatoes would be by:


Cutting them into small pieces


You can also cook them in their food as this one the ways to avoid any intoxications


Make sure that you feed them with farm fresh tomatoes


Wash them properly before feeding them with tomatoes


Yes they can eat tomato peels that comprise of Lycopene which is believed to be healthy for dogs as mentioned above


You can feed them with tomato soup also provided the soup does not contain harmful ingredients like onions and garlic


Do not feed them with tomato ketchup as they consist of garlic and onions


You can feed them with 1 or 2 tomatoes depending on the size of your friend


Consult a vet if required as they can tell you about the exact amount depending on the size, weight and medical history of your dog

What makes them a potential threat?


As already mentioned tomatoes belong to nightshade family which means they contain ingredients like Solanine and Tomatine that are regarded as harmful for dogs in particular.


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These elements have toxic and unhealthy effects on the health of your dog. Then the stems and leaves contain something called Atropine which is again poisonous for dogs. However, you need not worry much about these constituents because these are exclusively found in green and unripe tomatoes.


Symptoms that raise an alarm






If your dog has ingested anything like the green tomatoes or other parts that are not to be eaten, then the chances are high that they will show signs of discomfort. We have found these following signs to raise an alarm:

Sudden vomiting


Lethargic behavior


• It can also cause acute diarrhea


• These toxins can make your dear pet weak


• Can also make them confused


• Ingestion of Atropine can give them shivers

Our advice would be to immediately seek medical attention in that case as soon as possible under such circumstances.

can dogs eat tomatoesThis discussion about can dogs eat tomatoes comes to one point that we repeatedly talk about, and that would be moderation. If you are keen on feeding human food to your pets, then you need to do that in moderation.


A few pieces of tomatoes may not be damaging but in a large amount they can pose a problem. Also, do not let them go near an unripe tomato, the vines, and the leaves as they can be poisonous if ingested by dogs.


This suggests that you best them out of your kitchen garden if you have one to keep things normal. That said, you are free to feed them with tomatoes or whenever you want or find out more about what fruits and vegetables can dogs eat but remember to keep it under control.

FAQs On Can Dogs eat Tomatoes?


1. How many tomatoes can a dog in general?

Ans. There is no specific answer to this as it largely depends on the size of the dog. You can feed like 1 to 3 tomatoes at the maximum to a dog depending on its size.


2. How about the green and unripe ones?

Ans. They are considered to be the dangerous ones as they contain Solanine, Atropine, and Tomatine which can cause intoxication in dogs. They can slow them down and trigger vomiting and diarrhea. This is why these are best to avoid while feeding a dog.


3. What happens if a dog has eaten too many?

Ans. If you see any signs of puking or diarrhea, then we would suggest you take them to a vet immediately before further damage. Just keep them off the tomato plant like any leaf or stem as a piece of advice.






4. Is it true can dogs eat tomatoes?

Ans. Yes, they can be fed with tomatoes provided you feed them in a controlled way. Tomatoes have health benefits like they are anti-cancer and can even strengthen bones tissues in dogs as well as humans.



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