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The Shocking Truth about Can Dogs Eat Raisins? Really Shocking!


Recent studies have revealed that raisins and grapes are harmful to dogs. Research shows that raisins can cause renal or kidney failure in dogs.


That may result in the inevitable, so keeping your canine friend away from this fatal fruit can be a good idea. We had to break this news to you with a heavy heart as we know you would have otherwise thought this could have been an easy snack.


What turns out is that these variations are deadly and you need to stop bid goodbye to the thought about can dogs eat raisins evermore.


                          5 Health Benefits of RAISINS


will one raisin hurt my dog



No possibility – Can Dogs Eat Raisins?






We may sound repetitive, but we have to emphasize this point that no you cannot feed your dog with raisins. Munchkin may be looking hungrily at you and making that puppy face you cannot say no to, but never get carried away. Control yourself and say no to raisins of all kinds. Just have a look at this chart, and you will know why we are asking you not to feed them with raisins at all:


 For a dog weighing 15 pounds, only 30 to 45 pieces of raisins could be fatal

 A dog weighing 25 pounds could find 50 to 75 pieces of raisins to be deadly

 For a dog weighing 50 pounds, a dose of 100 to150 pieces of raisins could be lethal

 Dogs weighing 75 pounds could show signs of poisoning with an ingestion of 150 to 225 pieces of raisins

How Can Raisins Harm Dogs?






The above discussion shows that raisins in any form and amount cause toxicity in dogs. There is no way that you can think of feeding them with raisin. A few geniuses believe it could be mycotoxin that is generated by fungus, but nothing positive has come out yet. Although, this theory lacks a solid research that can back this analysis, yet it is advisable that you keep your dogs off this treat at least.


Are Raisins More Toxic?


can dogs eat raisins

No doubts, raisins are more toxic than grapes because they are dried which means their concentration is higher than that of grapes. This can increase the chances of toxicity of raisins. By far, it has been estimated that raisins can cause toxicity for 11 to 30 grams per kilogram of the weight of your dog, which is like 0.18 to 0.48 ounces per pound.


Grapes, on the other hand, can bring this up by 32 grams per kilogram or 0.5 ounces a pound of the body weight. This shows that raisins are far more dangerous than grapes and that they should be added to what can’t dogs eat list. You just need to be watchful that your Snoopy does not eat an ounce of this fatal fruit and you will know that you are good to go.


Symptoms That Raise an Alarm


If under any circumstance your dog may have ingested raisins, then they may show signs that they are not well. So, keep vigilance on your pet and because you love it so much that you actually will notice the difference. If you find any of these symptoms in them, rush them to the nearest veterinarian:






You may notice that they have lost their playful self


 That is they look weak and lethargic


 Your dog may start to look pale


 There could be severe pain in the abdomen, and you can touch to feel it (if it feels tender you know there is a problem)


 Some dogs simply will stop eating


 Some may even start vomiting


 While a few may experience diarrhea


 May even get dehydrated


 You may observe mouth and nose going dry


 They may pass less urine or may stop passing urine (anuria)


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In an extreme case, they may experience kidney failure which would take 48 hours to develop at the maximum
Immediate treatment for relief


In case you think it would be wise to provide them with initial treatment, if they by chance would have ingested raisins, then you can consider the following:






The moment you realize your dog ate a few raisins, try to make them puke without any delays (most dogs would start throwing up)


Make them eat activated charcoal which is a solution to most toxicity


Don’t have activated charcoal, then a burn a toast and feed them some


You could also try hydrogen peroxide (to be given 1 teaspoon per 5 pounds of their weight), and you need to limit it to 3 times


If you apprehend any severities, then taking them to a vet would be your best bet


In fact, you can euthanize your dog if things tend to go out of control with the help of your vet in critical circumstances

The treatment





Raisins are the kind of foods dogs should not eat in the first place but if they have then, remember to start the treatment should start within 2 hours window. You should take your dog to a vet immediately once you comprehend that it may have eaten a few raisins.



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A vet will try to make them puke by using medications and then may start activated charcoal to stop toxin absorption. The final step would be of intravenous fluid therapy that would flush out the toxins completely.
We have tried to address all the concerns that could trouble your mind about can dogs eat raisins.


However, what you need to do is to remember that while disposing of the remains of raisins use a covered bin to do so. Again, keep raisins tightly covered containers and totally out of reach of your dogs.


Why Can’t Dogs Eat Chocolate?


Share this detail with everyone in the family that no one should accidentally feed them homegrown raisins, raisin cookies or even raisin bread. Get a chart of what can dogs eat and not eat for added advantage. Nurturing a pet is not an easy task, so we ask you to be careful and feed the right food to keep them healthy and playful.


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