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Can Dogs Eat Nylabones? The Simplest Guide to Know.



Many dog owners have found themselves in a situation where they had to rush their adorable dog to the veterinarian, just because the dog had swallowed a part of Nylabone. These types of accidents are prompting the dog owners to ask questions like can dogs eat nylabone?



Before giving your dog a nylabone to play with, you should know about the pros and cons of such products. There are two types of nylabone chews, one is edible chew, which can be digested and the other one is non-edible chew, which can’t be digested. 



Before you jump onto a decision about nylabone, you should be aware of the types of nylabones available in the market:-

Can Dogs Eat Nylabones


1. Edible nylabone chew – These types of chews are made with foods and are meant to be digested. Generally, edible nylabone chews are made of chicken, wheat or beef.  In the retail store, you will find many nylabone edible chews, which are good for dogs having permanent teeth. However, you should consult your vet to know the right time to give it to your dog.





2. Non-edible nylabone chew – These products are made of plastic, nylon or rubber. Non-edible nylbaone chews can wreck a dog’s digestive system if swallowed in a large chunk. Therefore, you can give this to your dog only for toying around. Nylabones are tough to break, but no dog chews or toys are indestructible. By chance, your dog finds his/her way through and swallows a tiny part; you should immediately take him/her to the vet.


Is It Bad for Dogs to Eat Nylabone? 


Non–edible nylabone is made of components, which is extremely hard for a dog to digest. Swallowing such thing will make your dog sick. It can be extremely harmful to his digestive system. As a responsible parent, you need to check your dog’s toys now and then. You need to make sure the toys or the chews are in good condition, if you find it to be torn, replace it immediately. When you see the knuckle ends are wearing off, give your dog a new nylabone chew to play with. Consuming such plastic or rubber goods will not only be bad for your dog, but it will burn a hole in your pocket as well.



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Edible nylabone chews can be given to the dog, but since these products contain extra flavoring, it might instigate allergies in the dog. Combating these types of allergies become very difficult for the dogs. It might take a week for him/her to recover. It is better to be safe than sorry, consult your vet before taking the step of giving edible nylabone chew to your furry friend.



Can Dogs Eat Nylabone Dura Chew – A Very Common Question



Nylabone chews are non-edible. The question of eating such thing does not arise at all. In fact, it has been noticed that few dogs tend to develop allergies because of the material of nylabone. Few dogs even end up having itchy or inflamed skin. If you notice symptoms like obsessive licking, vomiting or excessive face rubbing, keep away the nylabone chew from your dog.


Is It Ok For Dogs to Eat Nylabone – A Great Worry for Any Dog Parents



Dogs do have a destructive nature. They will try to break off possible everything given to them. The hard components of nylabone can damage a dog’s teeth. Sometimes, the materials also don’t suit the dog skin. Therefore, there is no question of a dog eating nylabone.





If you are planning to introduce edible nylabone chews to your dog, first talk to the vet and know what all your dog can face. Since dogs are quite prone to stomach upsets and allergies, your vet will be the best person to suggest how to take things ahead. Remember one mistake can make your dog ill. Therefore, don’t rush things, take your dog to the expert and know what’s best for him/her.





Non-edible nylabone chews can never be consumed. By chance your dog swallows a large piece, you need to take him to the emergency unit immediately.



Can dogs eat pieces of nylabone has been a question of concern for many parents for a long time? As their dog plays around with that product and the chances are too high that they might tear it off and consume a piece. Non-edible nylabone chews are not at all safe for the dogs, whenever you see any wear or tear in the knuckle, swap it with a new one. Edible nylabone chews can cause allergies, be careful about it.



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It’s not an easy task to be a dog parent. The responsibilities demand time and care. Your furry friend won’t be able to tell you even if he/she is suffering from ill health. If you don’t want your dog lying around quietly, then go for a daily check-up and talk to the vet before introducing anything new to the daily routine. Read more


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