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Thoughtful Solution to the Query- Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream?


At times you might be too tempted to share your ice cream with your furry friend, that too on a scorching hot summer day. Now the question arises can dogs eat ice cream? Is it good for the dog’s health? Dogs don’t react too well when they are given milk products. Very honestly, dogs cannot digest ice cream. Therefore keeping it away from the furry member is better.



Treating your dog like a family member is an inspiration. However, feeding them human food without finding the right dog safe food list is not a good thought.



What do you do when the mercury gets soaring? You munch on a cone or a popsicle to beat the heat. Now, that you are a dog parent, you think the poor thing may be feeling hot too, and you want to feed it some ice cream.




However, the answer to this query can never be sorted out properly. Few dogs can eat ice cream without giving out any negative reactions. Dogs don’t digest too well; everything added to the dietary plan of the furry member should be in moderate quantity.



We would request our readers to avoid feeding your dog with ice cream, especially if it is of chocolate flavor or contains raisins. Chocolates and raisins are harmful to dogs and if your dog is lactose intolerant then refraining from giving them even an ounce of it. Let us find out more about this query because most dog owners have no clues what should they do about this.

Why Say No to – Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream?



You may be wondering why we should not feed them with ice creams. To tell you the truth your canine friends my dog ate chocolate ice creamshould stay away from anything that contains lactic acid. Food items like cheese and milk are best to be kept away. The cream in ice creams is not marked as healthy for dogs. In fact, a study has revealed that in 9 of 10 cases, the cream contains components that are harmful to a dog. Dairy products often contain lactose, and if your pooch is lactose intolerant, then it may cause havoc.



Moreover, ice cream contains high quantity of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and salt. Do we need to mention that all these ingredients are not good for your friend? Ice cream can raise blood sugar levels and may put your dog at the risk of diabetes. In addition to this, it must be added that these constituents most definitely are not good for their oral health as well. Why make them suffer? You can control your urge for feeding dogs people food for sure.


Symptoms Of Danger


dog safe ice cream



In case, your dog is lactose intolerant or had too much of ice cream; then you should look for these symptoms to find out if everything is fine or not. If they do not show these signs, then you must believe it to be a lucky day for you.


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You will notice sudden rise in gas in them


Little or too much of ice cream may cause bloating in dogs


They may start vomiting instantly


It may cause diarrhea


You may find other gastrointestinal upset besides all this because ice cream is not good for their digestive system






The point is if you observe anything unusual in them, you should immediately report it to a vet. The faster, the better and that is the best resort as we are not doctors. Of course, vets know more than us, and they are professionals who handle such situations day in and day out.


The alternatives



If you ever want to feed them with ice cream, make sure that you do not give it to them as treats. We thought of sharing some homemade ice cream recipes with you, as these are healthy alternatives to unhealthy dairy-based ice creams.


1. Yogurt pops – Mix pumpkin and yogurt together in a bowl. Then freeze them in the shape of cup cakes or simple like ice. This is a healthy mix that your dog will enjoy the most.


2. Peanut butter and banana pups – Blend banana and peanut butter into a smooth paste. Then freeze it in the shape of your choice. Serve it to them chilled and saw them munch to glory.


3. Banana and honey ice cream – Combine banana, honey, peanut butter and yogurt into a bowl. Make a paste of this and then freeze this mixture into an ice tray. Watch them gorge every bit of this treat.

Benefits of Homemade Ice Cream for Dogs






We would like to voice that homemade ice cream is way more hygienic than the one’s ready-made ones. Also, you are in control of the ingredients, and you know your dog’s eating very well. You can make popsicles practically out of anything they eat. Apart from this, homemade ice creams have advantages like:


• The ingredients are fresh


• Can be made out of various elements


• You may get a variety of flavors as a result


• They usually do not contain artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners


• You control the amount of sugar that goes into it


• Otherwise are rich in calcium, vitamins, and proteins

Additional Information On Ice Creams


• Did you know that ice creams can reduce the risk of cancer?


• Did you know that ice cream can stimulate the brain and can make your dog happy?


• Did you know that ice cream can help lose weight because the body burns calories while warming down from the cold effect of the ice creams?


• Did you know that ice creams are an instant source of energy?


In spite of, all the good you still should not feed your dog with ice cream. If you have ever fed your pet dog with some and Fido has not reacted to it then you must consider yourself lucky without a doubt. If you ask us directly can dogs eat ice cream, we would still say no to it.


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Can Dogs Eat Yogurt Ice Cream?







Many manufacturers are claiming to launch new lactose-free yogurt ice cream for the dogs. There are two problems with yogurt ice cream, firstly, it contains lactose, and secondly, it has loads of sugar. If you find any yogurt ice cream with less lactose and no added sugar, you can certainly add this yummy treat to your dog’s meal. However, you must remember to add only a little portion and the large amount to his dietary chart. Also, don’t try to feed your dog products containing milk on an everyday basis. Restrict it to once or twice a month. And if you are too craving to give it to your dog on quite regularly, then consult your vet first, before doing it.


Can Dogs Eat Red Bean Ice Cream


Any food containing milk or lactose is not good for the dog’s digestive system. Many dogs end up having diarrhea or stomach upset. There is no harm in giving your dog some occasional treats, but it is better to avoid foods containing lactose or too much sugar on a regular basis.



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Can Dogs Eat Black Raspberry Ice Cream?


Raspberries are a great source of vitamin for the dogs. It is healthy and nutritious. But will raspberry ice cream do any good to the dog? That is a big question. Ice cream by default will always contain sugar and lactose. You won’t be able to omit these two ingredients from ice cream. Both the contains are bad for the dog. If you don’t want your innocent furry friend to suffer silently, then avoid feeding him ice cream. It can be dangerous for the dog’s health.


Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter Ice Cream?


You can lay your hands on many ice cream flavors available in the retail stores including the peanut butter ice cream. But are they really good for the dog’s health? Well, no, they are not good for your loyal friend’s health. If you can make some peanut butter ice cream for your four-legged buddy at home. Mix pumpkin, peanut butter, plain yogurt, and bananas to form a yummy mixture. Freeze it to turn it into a delicious peanut butter ice cream treat for your dog. This way you are not abandoning your furry friend from having peanut butter ice cream and also checking the sugar level so that it is added in a lesser amount to the treat.


Can dogs eat vanilla bean ice cream?


You can give your dog vanilla bean ice cream if it is made at home. Whether you make it at home or you buy it from the retails stores, ice cream will contain milk, which is not good for a dog’s health. If you are offering vanilla bean ice cream to your dog, you can do it in moderation. If you find any negative reactions, take him to the vet immediately or else he might end up having diarrhea.


Can Dogs Eat Butter Pecan Ice Cream?


Pecans are known to contain a toxin called juglone, which is extremely bad for the dog’s health. You must be thinking whether butter pecan ice cream can be added to the dog’s diet chart or not. No, do not feed your dog anything which can harm his digestive system. Ice cream is anyways, full of fat, sugar, and lactose, therefore, avoiding it is the best.



Can Dogs Eat Blueberry Ice Cream?



If you think your dog is a sweet tooth, it is better to give him something else, other than ice cream. Any ice cream can make your dog suffer from stomach problem.



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Questions like can dogs eat butterscotch ice cream or can dogs eat black cherry ice cream can have both the answers YES and NO. This depends on the digestive system of the dog. But irrespective of size and age dogs are intolerant of lactose. Therefore, being a responsible dog owner, it is better to avoid anything which will make the innocent friend suffer so much. Yes ignoring those begging eyes becomes difficult but at the time, for the well-being of the furry member, you need to say no to few things.


There are millions of reasons to why shouldn’t dogs eat ice cream the lactose, the sugar, the fat and just everything. You must have heard about dog bloating, which occurs when a dog consumes too much of milk product. Dog bloating can be life threatening. If you are too desperate to feed your dog ice cream, then consult your vet and ask him/her what flavor ice cream can dogs eat? The vet will answer all your queries.





Dogs are precious and a friend for a lifetime. You won’t get that unconditional love and devotion from anyone else. Take out some time from your busy schedule and make some mouth-watering treats for him. But before making any addition or subtraction to the daily meal of your dog, talk to his vet who knows well. Read More.


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