Can Dogs Eat Grapes – Interesting Things You Should Know

Sorry to disappoint you and we need to voice our concerns right from the beginning that “no” your dog cannot have grapes or even raisins. This news was hard to break to you, but we wanted to be direct as we did not want to waste your time. Please make sure that under no circumstances should you ever feed your dog with grapes or anything remotely related to them. This means the answer is straight no if you were thinking about can dogs eat grapes by any chance.

Read this post to the end to know about the ill effects and how to tend your dog in case they accidentally eat a few.

Answers to Can Dogs Eat Grapes

is grapefruit safe for dogs

Grapes can cause toxicity in dogs of any age, breed or gender. The component that causes this is yet to be found, but research has proven it to be fatal for dogs.

It can cause acute kidney failure all of a sudden in most dogs. As mentioned, reasons are yet to be discovered as it is still under examination, but we would request you to keep your canine friends away from grapes for the time being.

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It has been noted in that most of the dogs have had problems with this fruit and no doubts, and you should keep yours away from it.

It has been found that about 32 grams of grapes can prove to be lethal for dogs. Although 2/3 of them can survive this, yet it would be wise not to serve them with grapes, unless you want to experiment.

Is Grapefruit Toxic To Dogs

As a matter of fact, there are a few signs that could drop a hint for this. If you are a concerned dog parent, then you will notice these symptoms sooner than later.

  • Your dog may be lethargic or weak
  • May not be playful as their usual self
  • Not eating owing to lack of appetite
  • Pain in the abdomen and you can touch to if the area is tender
  • Constant puking
  • Severe diarrhea
  • Looking pale
  • Mouth and nose going dry
  • It may go dehydrated in extreme cases
  • Passing less urine, medically termed as oliguria
  • Some may even stop passing urine which is called anuria
  • A sudden drop in the blood plasma (hypovolemia) can also be a symptom
  • Kidney failure that could be critical and that may take up to 48 hours to develop


Are Grapefruit Seeds Poisonous

The Substance which exactly causes toxic is not yet known but its Yes Grapefruit Seeds are Poisonous to dogs and it should be avoided.

Treatment for Ingesting grapes

If by any means, your dog has ingested grapes then you must follow these steps to get it out of their system. Make sure that you do undertake these measures instantly. Again, do not hesitate to take it a nearby vet if the need may be.

  • You should try to make your pet vomit (most of them would throw up, consider that to be good)
  • You can use solution of hydrogen peroxide (calculated as 1 teaspoon per 5 lbs of body weight) and nothing stronger to induce puking, and this should be limited to 3 times only
  • If possible make them eat activated charcoal which is used to treat toxicity by all medical teams as this can reduce the absorption of toxic elements
  • If activated charcoal is not available, then you can burn a toast and feed them (the blacker, the better)
  • However, if your dog is unconscious then avoid all this and seek immediate medical attention
  • Take your dog to a veterinarian if you think things are out of hand; as rigorous amount of intravenous solution can solve the matter easily and undoubtedly the faster you approach a doctor, the better the chances of your friend coping
  • The worst case scenario would euthanize your dog under medical supervision if they cannot survive this catastrophe


Opt for Alternatives of Grapes

can dogs eat grapesNow, that you have found answers to can dogs eat grapes, you can most certainly avoid grapes and its family for the obvious. Why not opt for healthier and safer alternatives that you can easily feed your sweetie?

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Albeit, there are fruits you can offer to make them equally happy and contented. You can go for berries like strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries on one hand.

Then again, fruits like bananas, pears, apples, pineapple and watermelon can serve the purpose too.

Their fruits are considered to be safe for your dog to consume and there are no hazards associated with them. Why not opt for these instead of anything that is considered hazardous.

Safety steps

  • Keep your four-legged friends away from food that contains raisins like biscuits, cakes, and cookies
  • No matter what, even the grapes are grown in your garden, do not serve it to them
  • If you are a responsible dog parent, then you are at war with all types of grapes
  • You can add pesticides to this list that are considered equally harmful
  • Okay, now have some respect for your dog, do not serve them with wine either, not even for fun as wine is made from grapes
  • In fact, never feed them with any beverage that has alcohol in it as it can cause coma, seizures and even death (may be an off topic, but had to be included)


Can Dogs Eat Grapes and Strawberries

Can Dogs Eat Grapes and Strawberries


We have already covered that part about grapes and dogs, making it clear that dogs cannot eat grapes. Grapes cause toxicity in dogs, and it may be the cause of death in them in extreme cases. Whereas, if you are talking about can dogs have strawberries, then it must be added that yes they can.

Thinking of this, we have tried to bring you a clear discussion on can dogs eat grapes and strawberries or not. Read this post carefully and then decide for yourself.

Benefits of Strawberries for Dogs

Who doesn’t like berries? You will be surprised to know that your canine companion is going to go bonkers at the sight of strawberries. Honestly, they will be going wild anything that you feed them with love and care. Strawberries are no exception to this, and you can feed them some with confidence because:

  • Strawberries contain antioxidants
  • They are rich in minerals like magnesium and potassium
  • They are a good source of vitamins like C, K, B1 and B6
  • These minerals keep the heart healthy and can improve nerve functioning
  • Not to forget the fiber, amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids and folic acid


Strawberries and Dogs Health

Now, that you know so much about the components you must be thinking how they help in keeping up with the health of a dog. Grapes are foods dogs should not eat, and strawberry is fruit dogs can eat. Here are some pointers that can clarify all for you:

-Vitamin C boosts their immunity, can protect against bladder infection and help in development of bones

  • Vitamin K helps in clotting of blood as well as development of bone -Amino acids facilitate in building muscle power as they are the building block of protein
  • Omega 3 maintains the shine of the coat, can aid in reducing inflammation, arthritis, and allergies
  • Fiber can assist to deal with gastrointestinal functions
  • Folic acid aids in cell division of the bone marrow

This conversation about can dogs eat grapes and strawberries, should not be devoid of one meaningful dialogue that would be not to feed them with the leaves. That is correct, you heard it right, avoid the leaves and never feed Fido with strawberry leaves.

Just remove the leaves before feeding them with strawberries, and you will be good to go. No, you don’t have to think too much about this as long as you are doing it as a treat!

Talking about can dogs eat grapes and strawberries, makes us decide for strawberries but quite obviously against grapes. All we need to mention here is that keeping moderation in mind will help.

Do not overfeed, munchkin with strawberries just because they happen to like it. Other than this, there is not much that we can speak against strawberries as for now. Of course, you are free to give them a few like, treats and enjoy watching them munch the berries to glory.

Oh No, My Dog Ate One Grape Will He Be Ok?

Grapes are toxic to dogs, and you should not feed them to your Blossom. Most vets would agree that grapes are mysterious fruits and till date, nothing has been established to prove them dangerous. However, those who have treated dogs that were unfortunate enough, speak of kidney failure to be the final nail. The early symptoms usually start with puking and diarrhea. So, if your dog has eaten a grape, you must keep a vigilant eye on it. Any vet would also suggest you the same, and you should be more watchful from next time on about what can dogs eat and not eat.

Although some may advise you to take a chill pill, yet, in reality, you should take it a veterinarian immediately. Depending on your case and your dog’s condition, you may be recommended to take it to the ER as well. Just keep this in mind that grapes are harmful as they contain a component that is not good for their kidney. If ingested, then keep them under strict observation for 24 to 48 hours. If you are still thinking about can dogs eat grapes, then you should be told “No” they cannot. It would be wise to keep grapes and anything related to them away from your Tommy.

Can Anyone Tell Me, Will One Grape Hurt My Dog?

This is a tricky question because there seldom are examples of dogs dying of one grape. However, as we know that these fruits can be dangerous for them, so it may be a sign of worry. The first thing would be to try to get it out of the system as soon as you discover the fact that your munchkin may have eaten a part of this dreadful fruit.

You can give them hydrogen peroxide as already explained which would be calculated as per their body weight. You may also to feed them activated charcoal that would reduce the assimilation of toxic elements into the blood stream if any. The next thing would be call your vet to get some more insight into this situation. If they assist you over the phone, you can take the suggestion, or you may have to walk your dog into their clinic. You need to keep your thoughts collected, and you must gather yourself. Be prepared for the worst and face the situation.
The truth is pet advisors agree that 0.5 ounces a pound are considered to be safe. Yes, that is right, and one grape will be certainly less than this. This means you may be lucky if your dog ate only one. Nonetheless, you should keep an eye on your dog for its good.

I Hate to Admit, But My Dog Ate a Raisin, What Should I Do?

The discussion on can dogs eat grapes, brings us to another point, that of if dogs can have raisins at all. The answer is again, a big “No” and you should not feed your dog with any derivative of grapes. Raisins are dried grapes; this means they are equally detrimental. In fact, they are considered to be more destructive than grapes! Nevertheless, if your dog has ingested just one raisin, you need not worry, unless they show early signs of fatality. You can get some advice about this, but rest assured there is nothing to worry.

On the other hand, you must remain observant about any developments for the next two days in the least. The thing is, some dogs react very fast, and others may take time. That develops the dilemma, and this is why you are being asked to keep an eye on them for a couple of hours. Otherwise, there is not much to think about if things go down well. Chances are high that they will as one raisin is not that harmful to a dog in general, depending on the age and body weight. Just make sure that this accident is never repeated, and your furball does not chew on any more raisins.
4 dog forbidden foods that should be avoided for good

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First of we would like to appreciate the fact that you are so concerned about your dog, that you have come all this way to find all the answers. If you have found the answer to is grapefruit poisonous to dogs, then this discussion on what food you should not feed your dog with will make things clear to you. Getting back to about foods that are best prevented, one thing must be added for your information that anything from the allium family is a no-no for your canine friend.

Here is a list of list of toxic foods for dogs that you should ensure to keep away from your dog:

1. Garlic – Garlic is highly toxic for dogs and as it increases health risks. They contain something called aliphatic sulfides that are like a thiosulphate, which in English is hazardous for a dog. Garlic can cause liver damage, anemia, convulsion, and death in some dogs. They are better kept off this food ingredient at least.

2. Onions – Cooked, sautéed or raw, you should not feed your dogs with onions in any form. No, not even in powder form and you should make them stay away from onions. Onions can cause weakness, indigestion, lethargy and anemia in dogs. Ideally, you should not feed them with table scraps as they tend to be fed with the wrong concoction while doing so.

3. Caffeine – Of course, keep coffee away from your little beloved along with sodas and tea bags. Caffeine contains something called methylated xanthine that can wreak havoc on a dog’s nervous system. It can make them restless and can end in death, which is it is better to be kept away.

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4. Macadamia Nuts – Okay, they may look alluring to you but never feed them to your four legged buddies. These nuts contain that can make your friend go weak, unable to walk, depressed, vomit and can even trigger hypothermia. So, these are better to be circumvented for good.

6 Deadly Foods for Dogs

While the disposing garbage, make sure that you apply the same caution. Avoiding trouble is the best to keep things in order, and there are no second thoughts about this that you need to keep them away from grapes for the good of all.

We know that you would like to feed them with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and meat but remember that has to be nontoxic as well. Making the right choices can keep them happy and help them live a better life.

Hope, this post has addressed all that you wanted to know about can dogs eat grapes. We would ask you to keep your raisins tightly packed in a container that would be kept out of your pooch’s reach.

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