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The Shocking Truth About Can Dogs Eat Brown Rice


Are you interested to know what kind of rice you can feed your dogs? That is if you want to feed them rice at all, but in case you do then this post is going to be very helpful for you. No doubts, this discussion is going to be important for many dog parents who genuinely want to provide their friends with the best of everything.


Starting with is rice good for dogs is just another way of showing your concern. In continuation, to this, we need first to talk about what kind of rice would be healthy for dogs if the need may be. If you are thinking about can dogs eat brown rice, then you are right.



The good news is they can be fed with brown rice. Please make a mental note of the fact that should never feed them with white rice. We will discuss that in details in here soon but before that, you need to get to the heart of the conversation.


                          Benefits of Brown Rice for Dogs


spices that are good for dogs



Are there any? Well, yes there are quite a few, and you will be glad to know that brown rice could be good for not only for your health but also for your dog’s as well. There quite a few health benefits of feeding them with whole grains like brown rice that have been clarified in this section:



Can reduce the risks of obesity, cholesterol and heart diseases


Whole grains always are a good source of fibers


It helps dogs that suffer from intestinal problems


 This is why brown rice can cure diarrhea as well


Brown rice of all is not allergic at all


It has phytic acid that helps them absorb minerals


This rice can help leaner dogs to gain weight


Other benefits


To be blunt feeding brown rice can be considered to be an economical way of maintaining your monthly dog expenses. Undoubtedly, every dog parent thinks about this aspect as keeping a dog is expensive these days.



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There is no harm in accepting this and feeding them brown rice with other variations such as fresh fruits and vegetables (of course dog-friendly ones) could be as beneficial as it may sound. There are some more advantages of brown rice for dogs that can be summed like:





If you want to feed your munchkin with homemade food, then brown rice can be a good idea


Brown rice easily available everywhere


 Has good texture


Looks more appealing than white rice

How To Feed Brown Rice?  or  Can Dogs Digest Brown Rice?


can dogs eat brown rice


This is another valuable section that needs to be talked about while discussing can dogs eat brown rice or not. By this time you must have accrued a lot of information on brown rice for dogs for sure.



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What we need to speak of is how to prepare this brown rice so as to be considered edible for your sweetie pie. Here is a thorough explanation as that will serve as a guide for cooking this brown rice into a delicious delight for your dear one:


Wash brown rice carefully


 Make sure that you take double water of the rice


 Bring the water to boil


Add rice, cover, and cook for 45 minutes (as this is the right time)


You can serve it with vegetables, meat, and curry of your choice


You can preserve this for 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator


Brown Rice Versus White Rice


Okay, this has nothing to do with nutrients and minerals but with processing rice. White rice is supposed to be nutritionally downgraded than brown rice. Why so?


This is because the harvested seeds undergo processing at mills and the first product that you get after this is brown rice. White rice is the next level that is obtained by polishing rice with either talc or glucose. This gives you a very clear idea as to what we consider as nutrients in this rice is very much man-made and is often discarded by the body as toxic waste.





Well, that was quite a piece of rice, and this suggests why you should not feed white rice your four-legged friends. This kind of rice would do not do any good as it is more likely to cause it trouble in the long run. What more you need to concentrate on is the part that brown rice is healthier and has more benefits than white rice for humans as well as dogs.


Don’t’s About Brown Rice


There are some rules related to all food, and brown rice is no exception to it. Ideally, you should bear these few things in mind before resorting brown rice for your canine companion:


Avoid feeding them brown rice as fillers which mean moderation should be your mantra


 Remember dogs are carnivore and that they need proteins more than carbs


 So do not feed them a carb rich diet and this should answer for this query can dogs eat brown rice for sure


Do not serve the same food for long


Add variations and also dilute the food if required like you can mix brown rice with meat and vegetables


 Stay away from microwaving food for dogs as the rays kill most of the nutrients in the food


Now, that you already have enough information about can dogs eat brown rice, you need to be notified on one tiny detail. That would be never to feed them with only brown rice.



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Remember they need proteins too and feeding the only carbohydrate is never a good idea especially for canines. You need to mix it with regular food and serve only a small portion to them.





This can be taken as an experiment to start with and then you can watch them or run a poop check. If their excretion contains whole grains, then it would be a clear signal that they did not digest it.



This is one way of telling you to steer clear of this. This certainly answers for can dogs have brown rice by all means. If truth be told, then it has to mention that it is totally up to you to serve Snoopy with brown rice at all.


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