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The Lazy Man’s Guide to Can Dogs Eat Bacon ?


You must have noticed whenever you prepare bacon and eggs for breakfast; your munchkin makes that puppy face you can never say no to.


However, when it comes to bacon, it is advisable that you say “No” to them right away. That being said, we would like to report that under no circumstance should be feeding them with bacon.


The reason for this is hidden in the fact that bacon is a preserved food. It undergoes a lot of processing like curing, salting, and smoking that certainly is not good for your furry friend.






Although, this is good humans, yet is considered to be injurious for dogs. This should clearly answer this query can dogs eat bacon in the best possible ways.

History of Bacon


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More on Can Dogs Eat Bacon


The smell of bacon is very strong that can detect from a long distance. Let alone, cooking it in your kitchen can make everyone salivate in the house including your furball. Nonetheless, you need to be strong enough not to feed them any of it because bacon is harmful to dogs. The below-mentioned conversation will help find out why can’t dogs eat ham:






Sodium nitrate – This ingredient can be verily found in bacon and is a major problem for dogs. This component can play havoc on them and cause a condition called obstructive pulmonary disease.


Sodium – Taking a cue from the above discussion, we must talk about the high levels of sodium present in bacon. Not to mention, that it can be a cause of high blood pressure.


Pancreatitis – As we all know that bacon contains unsaturated fat which is the worst type to feed your dog. This can trigger pancreatitis, and its only solution is surgery. You, as a concerned dog parent, would not like your dog to go through such an ordeal, right? It is true that dogs cannot digest too much of salt and saturated fat. So why torture them with it? They are like babies who do not understand what is good for them but you can. This suggests you should take the call and not them.


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Cancer – In extreme cases, dogs that eat bacon on a regular basis have high chances of contracting cancer. To be more precise, they are more susceptible to bowel cancer. We all know there is no remedy to this disease and that no one wants this for their dog.


Obesity – Bacon is high in calories that indicate your dog is at risk of obesity, other cardiovascular diseases, and even hypothyroidism. Why put them through all this? There are other kinds of dog food readily available in the market that you can place your trust in, for this.


Parasites – Bacon can lead to the formation of bacteria and other dangerous parasites that can prove to be more than harmful for dogs. This is one thing that you should keep in your mind all the time before trying to feed them with bacon or even scraps of it.


Symptoms that Tell You to Ttop






There would be signs that tell you to seek medical attention in case your dog has accidentally eaten bacon. Make sure that you read these signs as and when they occur. This suggests that any dog parent who is little concerned about their dog will easily read into these indicators:


Excruciating abdominal pain


Severe diarrhea


Too much puking


Still, Can Dogs Eat Bacon?


is pork toxic to dogs

If you still want to feed them with bacon then get the ones that are low in fat and sodium. Yes, there are quite a few brands that offer these treats, and you can also opt for commercial dog food that contains the essence of bacon if you think that is something your Butterball likes. Most of these are available in varied flavors that you can certainly get for your dogs. Hands down, the second option, can be a good option if you are thinking of pork in dog food.


Is Raw Bacon any Good?


Certainly not and you should steer clear of raw bacon by all means. There is no chance of feeding bacon or anything related to your dog. This is because raw bacon can cause more damage to dogs than you can think of, like:


Can cause acute stomach upset


Can bring about gastrointestinal troubles


Harmful microbes that can lead serious health problems


What About Bacon Grease?


can dogs eat bacon

Speaking of bacon grease brings us to share this detail that it is of no good for dogs. We would say a big “No” to bacon grease without a second thought. There are no doubts about the fact that it is a terrible choice for dog food at least. Why should you avoid it? The following pointers will make things clear:


It is very high in calories and that means it can only add to the weight of your dogs, you don’t want them to be overweight for sure


Rich in unsaturated fat and that too of the worst kind that is best to give a miss, you don’t want them to be put at risks


Is surely a way to invite heart diseases


This includes clogged arteries


Overall it has no nutritional benefit at all


After all this discussion, if you are still thinking about can dogs eat bacon then you should just get over it. There is no way to feed them with bacon grease or even raw bacon as already mentioned above. It can only make things worse for your four-legged friend and there is nothing that you can do once things get out of your hands.



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Do not listen to those who they serve their dogs with bacon because if they were even half aware as you are, they would have read this post and shared the information with you! Apart from all this, it has to be emphasized that you should not feed bacon to dogs for their good.



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