Are Bananas Good for Dogs? How Many Bananas Can I Feed Doggies!

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 Are Bananas Good for Dogs ? Dogs are happy and fun little creatures. They are always pumped up with energy and have a trick or two up their sleeves. These loyal and faithful companions of yours are ready to do anything for you. Their mischievous behavior is a proof of their well-being. So to keep them healthy and full of life, you need to provide them with a proportionate diet. No matter how much dog food you give them, they will soon find their way to human food.


The basic reason is their extraordinary sense of smell. When you are eating something delicious, you’ll never find yourself alone; your dog is already there looking at you with those melting eyes. This is the time you can distract them with few treats at hand, which includes one of the safest fruit banana. Yes, banana is the safest fruit your dog can have and will love you for it. This is another human food, that has tons of vitamins and nutrient value in it that can balance up your dog’s diet.


There is no doubt in the fact that bananas make a great healthy snack for dogs. It is a fruit full of nutrition so, you might want to give it to your buddy. In case you are thinking are bananas good for Dogs, then you have come to the right place for help.


Health Benefits of Banana for Dogs




There are lots of fruits which can be toxic for a dog, but you will be happy to know that banana is not one of them. However, you have to give it to your dog on restrictive proportions if you want him to remain healthy and enjoy its benefits.


  • Bananas make a great treat for pets, but you should never feed them with the peel. The fruit is rich is fiber, vitamin B and C and potassium. It is capable of providing the necessary nutrition to your dog which he might be missing in his regular meals. However, you cannot replace bananas with the meat based food recommend for dogs. You can simply introduce this fruit as a snack.


  • The sweet taste of banana will be loved by your dog. It is high in antioxidants but low in sodium, so it is going to be beneficial for the skin and coat of your dog. As it also contains victim C, it will fortify the immune system and boost the energy level.


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  • Some of the vets recommend feeding the dog ripe bananas if he is suffering from bowl problem. It contains enzymes which can sooth the intestine irritation. It is also best in treating the Colom spasm. But make sure that you don’t feed  him too much.


How Many Bananas Should You be Feeding?






Too much of everything is bad and similar is the case with bananas. It is better that you know how many bananas should be you feeding your dog. The experts recommend giving half a banana a few times in a week.


This banana can be large to medium in size. If you have a dog of the small breed, then just give him a few pieces.

Can Dogs Eat Bananas and Strawberries?



are bananas good for cats

It is confusing when it comes to giving your dog human food. We usually avoid fried and oil ladled food for our dogs. But if you think, that fruits are very safe and harmless, you couldn’t be more wrong. Not all fruits are in the safe zone, few fruits like lime and raisins are in ‘not-for-dog’ zone. But among this banana is one of the safest fruit that is loaded with vitamins and proteins that are beneficial for dogs.

Bananas have Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Biotin, and Copper, and is also low in cholesterol and sodium. And as for strawberries, it can be given to your canines, as a summer treat, but keep in mind that too much can affect their health. Due to natural sugar content in both strawberries and bananas keeping them minimal is wisely suggested.


Can Dogs Eat Bananas and Apples?




can dog eat orange

Yes, to both, but bear in mind that both contains natural sugar which is why it’s not advisable to feed them regularly. Bananas are full of vitamins which add nutrients to your dog’s diet in the right proportion. Providing dogs with bananas as treats will surely churn up their spirit. Speak of bananas canines from small to huge loves to devour it. And as for apples, it is another safe and healthy fruit that your dog can have. Apples with the skin are full of useful chemicals that prevent your dogs from getting affected by certain bacteria’s. They are a rich in vitamins A, C, and fiber. But avoid the seeds, because the seeds contain cyanide, so it is not advised to feed your dog the core of the apple.

Can Dogs Eat Bananas and Peanut Butter?



It has been far established that dogs can eat bananas but in the right proportion. Too many of it can affect your dog’s health. They are full of vitamins and proteins, but they also contain natural sugar, so eating them regularly will eventually affect your canine’s health, in the long run. But peanut butter is a treat that is provided to all the canines around the world. It is safe and keeps your dogs metabolism in check. There are various recipes online, using peanut butter for your dog’s treat. It is not only loaded with protein but also Vitamin B & E as well. This tasty treat when stuffed with your dog’s chewing toy, will surely keep him busy for hours.


Can Dogs Eat Banana Bread?


Speaking of bananas, many think that it is safe for dogs to have banana bread as well. Bananas are ok for dogs, but as of banana bread, it is not wise to give your dogs any of it. Because many banana bread contain oils and chocolate chips in it, which are deadly for your canines. And more to that banana bread contains flour and sugar, which are harmful ingredients for your dog’s health. The direct intake of sugar can affect their heart. So, banana bread is not advised for canines.


Can Dogs Eat Dried Banana Chips?






Dogs can have proportionate bananas without hesitation, but any dried fruits are not recommended for them. Dogs tend to get dehydrated on the intake of dry fruits. Even dried banana chips are not good for them. Dogs with a chronic digestion problem should always stay away from dried banana chips. They can easily cause the dog to get diarrhea and are wisely advised to stay away. However, one or two chips won’t affect them as much.


Can Dogs Eat Bananas in Diarrhea?


Many dogs are prone to get affected by diarrhea, in the majority of the cases, the diarrhea is caused by the parasites. To cut the excess fat from the diet, which may have caused this diarrhea, veterinary doctors have widely recommended the BRAT diet. This particular diet is widely known to give the best results in controlling your canine’s diet. So, it is concluded that bananas can be given to a dog infected with diarrhea.


Can Dogs Eat Bananas Peels?



can dog eat cheese

Bananas are a rich in vitamins and proteins. Also contains potassium and manganese, which are good for your dog’s diet. They help to build up your dog’s immune system. But as for the peels, they are non-toxic but could cause intestinal blockage if taken in large bits. So, avoid giving your dogs whole-skin bananas.


However, if your dog has taken banana peel, we recommend visiting your local Veterinary to get advice on the procedures for the removal of the skin or how much effect it can cause.

Can Dogs Eat Bananas Peppers?


No matter what the internet is feeding you about giving your dog bananas, we say absurd to those stereotypical suggestions. Bananas are good for your dog’s health, with loads of vitamins in them. But as for the peppers, it is not widely suggested for a dog’s diet. Small peppers do not affect as much, but the larger peppers can cause havoc in your canine’s digestive system. With irritations from diarrhea, your dog may experience it all. So, it is not at all recommended in your canine’s diet.


Are There Any Risks?



Are bananas Good for Dogs? YES, but remember as they are rich in potassium, the dog’s body will not be able to handle the effects if bananas are given in large amount.






Excessive potassium can cause heart problems among canines. The fruit surely helps in digestion, but it can also affect the digestive tract if too much is given.The dog’s stomach can become upset, and he might even get constipated.

Conclusion on Feeding Bananas to Dogs


are bananas good for dogs


If you care about the health of your dog, you can surely feed him bananas. You just have to be sure to give this fruit in moderate proportion otherwise, you will see negative consequences.


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Remember to remove the peel or it can cause choking. It is best to slice the banana into small pieces so that you make it more enjoyable for your buddy. You can also find dog food in banana flavor if your canine loves the taste of bananas. Read more awesome post such as “are bananas good for dogs”?

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