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Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Your Pet’s Food


The world of pet food has without a doubt changed greatly over the years. If you are like most pet owners you can probably remember when there was only duck, beef, and deer options available. That is no long the case, as there are now over thousands of different brands. Some of the brands are organic, some are specialized to treat skin irritations, and some are even designed for pets with sensitive stomachs. Whatever the situation is, there are now much choices available than every, but what are the hidden secrets within the foods that you probably don’t know about?


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It’s All About The Smell

As a human you are more prone to judge your food on the way it tastes rather than the way it smells. This is probably due to the fact that humans have over 9,000 taste buds, where as the dog only has 1,700 and cats only possess 470. Well, smell is a completely different matter altogether. Dogs have over 125 million sensory cells in their noses, which given them their unique tracking abilities. Humans only have five to ten million. When your dog really enjoys his food it isn’t because he likes the taste. It’s because he loves the way it smells.

Fresh Is Better

Have you ever wondered why your pets only are interested in new dog food for the first week? Well, you might think it is because the food is new to them. That however is not the case. When the food is newest it is at its freshest, which means it is giving off the most potent source of smell. Whether you are looking for a more specific food for your pet’s specific breed or you are trying out a new brand, if you want your pet to stay interested you are going to need to keep it fresh. Once that food loses it smell your dog is no longer going to be interested.

Know The Difference Between Grain And Starch Free

Grain free pet foods have grown extremely popular over the past several years. Even so, more and more individuals confuse grain free with starch free foods. These two are not the same at all and this needs to be clarified. Starch contains a high nutritional value and it is used on vegetables like peas and garbanzo beans. It also is the substance that helps form the food into that little kibble shape. Grain free pet food is just simply pet food that doesn’t contain any grains.

Understanding different dog food types

Overfeeding Is Way Too Common

As a pet owner you might be surprised to learn that the number one mistake involved with pet food is overfeeding. Sure, everyone like a cute, fat little dog or cat, but it isn’t healthy. It puts more stress on their joints and can lead to a variety of other negative health conditions that you probably want to avoid at all costs. In addition to this, most feeding charts that are listed on bags are usually not accurate. Your best way to discover the accurate amount of food that your pet needs is by speaking with a high trained vet.


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